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Learn how to improve your health now and 
take the worry out of your future.
  • Do you struggle to maintain or even start when it comes improving your health?
  • ​Find it hard to find time or what to focus on?
  • ​Need a little help and some accountability?
  • ​Want to find something simple with easy to action techniques? 
What this ebook will teach you
We all know how hard it is to improve your health and sometimes the hardest part can be just starting. This ebook with the amazing add ons will get you started and set you on your journey to better health in your 40's.
Download the ebook now and get all these amazing add-ons!
  • Join the closed facebook group where I will host live Q and A's to coach you to improve your health. 
  • Be part of this amazing community to communicate with me and share experiences with others in the group. 
  • I will take you individually through each of the 5 ways to make sure you get the most of this ebook.
  • When you have finished and actioned all of the 5 ways you will be on your journey to better health. 
Actionable techniques that will enable you to start improving you health.
About The Author
Grant Breese

Grant has worked in the health and fitness industry for 20 years. Over this time he has gained invaluable experience in how to create successful programs in muscle gain, body fat loss and improving mental health. He now specialises in working with men in their 40's coaching them to improve these areas of life. 
Testimonials Header
  • "I did Grants reboot challenge and it really helped me get a grip of the basics and from that I have been working with Grant on-line for the last 12 months"  
    Brian smith
  • Grant and I started training together again when the pandemic started.In that time, along with a trusted & knowledgeable trainer, I gained a friend.
    Charles Ecklund
  • I’m have been working with Grant for 7 months and have lost 60lbs and making significant progress towards where I want to be. 
    Allan Mee
  • Grant pushes me physically and mentally, making me challenge myself and reach the next level. I would recommend Grant to anyone who wants to achieve more with their health
    Emily Stephens 
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